Club Killers Jetpack


by clubkillers

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  •  Laptop compartment: The JetPack Remix's laptop compartment is an absolutely huge asset equipped to safely and securely hold most 17' laptops with the case (fit will vary depending on the case)
  • Headphone compartment: Positioned securely towards the top of the compartment and isolated from other objects, this design reduces the risk of smashing or breaking the headphone in transit. The pocket is roomy enough to fit nearly all DJ headphones out on the market today.
  • Record compartment: The JetPack Remix includes uniquely designed slots built into the compartment to specifically carry your vinyl, keep it safe, as well as separate from all your other gear. This feature will eliminate your need for record sleeves
  • Portable Battery compartment: Fitted to store a small portable battery, this feature can be your life line when your hand held device is out of battery and you need a change to get you through the rest of the night.
  • Two fitted pocket compartment: Two box fitted pockets enclosed with velcro flaps ideal for cartridge cases, USB interfaces, hard drive and other similarly sized items. Tablet compartment: A first of its kind, the tablet compartment offers a specially designed padded pocket to fit your standard 10" tablet device (iPad I, II, III, Xoom) along with its protective case. Fit may vary depending on case.
  • Product Dimensions: 18 x 9 x 15 inches ; 6 pounds